Theatre Series: Perceptive Sensations

New Release: Perceptive Sensations, 2012.

This is the third installment in the BhamAMP Business Arts MediaPlex Theatre Series written for smooth, snag free performance on all types of stages should they exit in physical or virtual terrains. Interests in performance are not absolute or conditional, and one assumes that they will be less structured than normal; given that normalcy was never a requirement.

In short, these plays were conceptualized and developed as immersive visualization environments which combine the fine arts and digital display information for multi-screen, multi-media and multi-modal purposes. Having fun with them is indispensible provided that attribution is a vital constituent of a thing called production: that without which a thing cannot be itself.

The Theatre Series includes the following releases:

Jack’s Day off (2010)

Veracity of Ghost Light (2010)

Perceptive Sensations (2012)