Three Stages of Twilight

There are three stages of twilight that all begin after sunset and end before sunrise. The difference is a matter of degree. The fact is there are three conceptions as to what constitutes truth: agreement of a thought and reality; eventual verification; and consistency of thought with itself. The differences between fact and truth are distinguishable as a thing done by circumstance in space time.

"That visual was so unexpected and the details were so clear that it nearly startled me out of my slumbered state. I had wanted to leap up and run but reserved curiosity would not let me interfere. I could not pull myself away until I found out just what that voice and visual presence had to say. Who did it belong to and why did it call out now? It seems to have been a mocking reflection of everything I had wanted to say but could not express without an equally suitable venue. I could now see and hear everyone out there; this out of body journey so described; during those three stages of twilight."

This 2013 release is now available through most on-line bookstores.