Narrative Arcs

I was in and out of eucalyptus and redwood, in search of a common language that would accurately describe what I had heard and seen. Going home seemed the logical thing to do next to follow up on some research. I am taking what might be called poetic license—so classically grounded—abetting on a fresher start. Over the next several hours, over to the small islands which look as though they are mere dots in this increasingly flatter world, I studied them electronically. Using satellite repositories I began to unravel a history more enveloped in a spell. The logic and reason of my mid twenty and early twenty-first century was useful but not lived in inexactitude with respect to their equatorial location. I have passed this mid earth circle many times from ocean and air, but I have never landed even for a moment on these dots in the Pacific Ocean.

Our mighty forays into deep space are much more extensive and better understood than the 70% of the waterways which covers this planet. Having understood it coming and going, I am happy to read about and watch the tenfold increase in funding exploration under the surface, and down to the mighty trenches which blanket the ocean floor around this globe. These are still secret places.

This is a new release and includes prose, original art and photography. Narrative Arcs is available at most online book stores.