eTheatre Series: Multi-Screen, multi-modal, multiple devices

This is a multi-screen presentation.

Please select PLAY for both screens concurrently.

The intent is to play them side-by-side on a single computer, or the left channel on one device (tablet or smart phone), and the right channel on another device.

This also works well on a single computer, tablet or smart phone adding the split tabs extension to Google Chrome.

It can also be played on multiple screen TV(s), respectively, using available browsers through Amazon Fire TV.

Music will play on the left channel and the

river flow soundtrack will play on the right channel, for orientation.

There is an intentional latency delay between channels to allow for multi-screen play when using multiple wireless devices.

Both channels are also available at:

Coming soon there will be a three-screen, design using a sumi-e digital painting approach. Multi-user networked gamers shouldn't have all the fun. It is time to focus on the fine arts.