Literary Opera: The Quarrel Oblique

The Quarrel Oblique, a literary opera, has been released.

The Quarrel Oblique is a literary opera which could be composed as a single act purposely for a caution to others who would read more into the actual story. Pass this episodic journey through English, French and Spanish, adding your own version of the story and the close to remote parts move more particular to the wind which blows where he is standing. The classical guitar duet provide for the subtle changes in the temperament and dialogs of the principal characters, and is at times accompanied by duel French horns and steadied timpani drums which accentuates and distills the quality and impact of the voices. The last we will see of him after the final curtain closes is one person moving off following the arc of the sun of a new day, with the torn pages of a fine manuscript trailing behind him. Hopefully we have not suffered much recognizing that his movements are our own entrances and departures.