The Nature of Transmedia Narratives

For the good of the body, mind and soul; pro salute anime; I have recreated these pages in effect for the sake of providing evidence of consciousness. Any sequence toward pure evidence which leads me to the affirmation of the circumstance of self is a good enough proposition for creating period. I do not have to be prodded or even persuaded by any outside party to design and then deliver something which I can refer to further on as an exhibition. This is the culmination of the reality of at least part of my body, mind and soul, and the combined conviction to go on to that next likely place for more subtle experience in the coming of time, just in time. I thought of this originally in Kaleidoscope of Haiku (2013) as I committed to pictorial poetry and prose this nature of transmedia narratives and immersive visualization environments. For me this was also a means of intimate getaway repeated more than several times in a row. Also, I was looking to distinguish myself as a writer: playwright: seeking audiences who actively looked for alternative but never opposing aesthetics of traditional visual theatre.

How should I affect change next but with construction and formula language in which I can say what I can observe through any number of media or channels I can choose for all as non-mimetic arts. Pro salute anime: with this I am expanding the definition of themes: the essence of encounters: concerning the next most viable steps on effect.

Another year is coming soon and it may prove to be a striking post modern aesthetic moment in time. Watch for presentations coming in early 2022.