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The Nature of Transmedia Narratives

The suddenness in which a thought appears and disappears is a delicate matter, and it convinces one that complete recovery is a manner of sorting this out serendipitously, not unlike walking the isles of bookshelves at a library. The mind will be tempted by what it sees, and desire and then need will follow through, perhaps even hunger will play a substantial role, to tempt one to immerse in discovery again to prove things right. That is the goal in furthering along these transmedia narratives: the conviction to what was needed to be righted through improvement and the disposition of prose, because one might be able to liberate oneself when one tries to do so cheerfully.

"It is evident that something of a more important nature occurred on the coast today, but the details are most likely fictitious. There is no doubt that some of the details were impressive, but the real truth disappeared under the weight of the hype and overtasking coastal (morning) fog. Check your sources if you have the urge: accuracy and desirability are not always the same thing, much more could have occurred by stimulating ambition.

Recently I sent someone out there to expedite then and reconcile those rumors. But after two days of searching, battling the stubborn fog, they were all too anxious to leave. That is when the next mandate came: to create and evolve, and then create again. So why not? It need not be assumed that we will ever have to surrender to it; finding a solution that is developing is nothing less than promising."


"We create and we evolve, and then we create again."

"So why not."